The Tea Journal

Musings & Chronicles of Hale Tea Co. 

What a joy to be jotting down some of our initial musings on this tea adventure!
First-off, we wanted to share a bit of the backstory on where we’re coming from. Hale Tea Co. has actually been around for about thirty years in Savannah, with its tea leaf suppliers dating all the way back to 1872!

In the Summer of 2018, the former owners were ready to retire and were looking for thoughtful people who could carry on the legacy they’d built. In stepped the Kruenegels! From there, Kevin & Abby pieced together our team and we immediately dove into an enormous rebrand guided by the expertise of
Inhabiteer Design & Styling. Each of us has been chomping at the bit to share our new site and packaging and products with you, as well as to spread the word all the more about this tea that we’re so proud to be purveying.

Please don’t hesitate to reach-out to us if we can ever answer questions, or serve you better. We don’t take it lightly to say that from “plantation to cup,” we want to value every person and place and piece of the tea drinking process. And you are part of that!

Let the adventure begin!

Kevin, Abby, Micah, and Abbie

(PS No, that’s not a typo...there actually are two Abby’s on our team...just trying to keep you on your toes :))