Our Family

Meet the Hale Tea Family!

“Locally owned & run” are high priorities for we Hale folk, so here’s a glimpse of
our current team, all based out of Savannah, Georgia.

Kevin & Abby Kruenegel - Owners (Left)

Approached by the former Hale owners when they were ready to retire, these two jumped at the opportunity to carry & build-on this legacy. While Kevin works as a Physician’s Assistant, Abby is the day-to-day backbone of Hale, as well as owning The Front Porch Coffeehouse in Pooler. They have two children, Thatcher & Hadley, and enjoy reading, being outdoors and learning more about the phenomenal world of tea. 

Micah & Abbie Sprunger - Owners, Visionaries (Right)

Micah & Abbie are parents to Elliana, Eden, and Aaliya, and caretakers of Wesley Gardens Retreat. Along with his love for tea, Micah enjoys architecture & design, coffee roasting, and photography. Abbie grew-up outside of Atlanta and studied religion at Emory University, and spiritual formation and soul care at Talbot Seminary. She’s a full-time mom, author, and tea lover.